Cone Beam 3D Imaging

Our dentists and team constantly evolve to provide our patients with the best care possible. That is why we have integrated the groundbreaking cone beam 3D imaging into our practice. This state-of-the-art technology offers detailed insights, enhancing our diagnostic capabilities.

Understanding Cone Beam 3D Imaging

Cone beam 3D imaging revolutionizes dental diagnostics with its ability to capture comprehensive three-dimensional views of dental structures, soft tissues and bone in a single scan. Unlike traditional X-rays, this advanced method uses a cone-shaped beam to take multiple images from various angles, which are then digitally combined into a holistic 3D representation. This detailed imagery is invaluable for precise treatment planning in procedures from implant placements to orthodontics.

Your Experience with Cone Beam 3D Imaging

Your well-being is our top priority. During the scan, you will be comfortably seated as the imaging system revolves around you, capturing all angles of your oral structure. The process is swift, non-invasive and the insights gained are invaluable.

Advantages of Cone Beam 3D Imaging

  • Depth of Detail: Provides 3D visuals, enhancing clarity.
  • Patient Safety: Lower radiation risks with high-quality outcomes.
  • Treatment Planning: Ideal for procedures like implants, orthodontics and more.
  • Convenience: Fast, comfortable and integrated into your dental checkups when necessary.

Experience the Next Level of Dental Imaging

At Bloomfield Dental, we are committed to offering the most advanced dental solutions. To witness the precision of cone beam 3D imaging in Cerritos, California, contact us at 562-926-6502 and schedule your consultation with Dr. Ayman Balshe, Dr. Vivian Villasenor, Dr. Hany Youssef and Dr. Ryan Raouf today.